For the Next Generation

We view students as uniquely created and gifted individuals who are loved by God. It’s our desire to see young people become the next generation of leaders who are ever-seeking and ever-discovering the glory of God and His Kingdom, confident in who He has made them to be and boldly moving towards all that He has made them to do. Grace-Monroe Student Ministries seeks to serve middle and high school students and their families throughout Walton County, intentionally reaching out to every school community in order to reach adolescents with the love and grace of Jesus, and to help disciple them into maturity.

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LUG (Middle School)

Grace’s middle school ministry, called LUG (short for Living Under Grace), is home to middle school students from all over the county, and a whole host of caring volunteers. The major LUG gatherings are LUG AM on Sundays at 9am (year-round) and LUG Live on Wednesdays at 6:30pm (school year schedule).


Sundays at 9am in the Student Space. LUG AM focuses primarily on teaching and worship while LUG Live on Wednesdays is centered around small group Bible studies and interaction.

LUG Live

Wednesdays, 6-8pm during the school year. LUG Live is centered around small group Bible studies and interaction. Each of these small LUG groups include a handful or two of students who are led by a LUG Head (a high schooler) and overseen by a parent volunteer. The Wednesday gatherings also mix in a bit of middle school fun and offer kids an opportunity to worship God together as a large group. And that’s just for starters. There’s a lot more going on with LUG and we hope you’ll check it out.


FallOut is our annual Middle School retreat for LUG groups and their leaders. It is a great time for Lug groups to get to know each other and grow together.

  • Sign up for LUG, Camps, and Activities at MY.GFC.TV.

  • To sign up for text message reminders text @gracemonr to 770-450-6566. 

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TrueNorth (High School)

TrueNorth exists to empower the next generation of disciple-makers. Our mission is to see students deepen their love for God, grow together as His family, and make a real difference in the world. We believe relational discipleship is the way to fulfill this mission. Come and join us as we follow the One who is unchanging, Jesus Christ.

High School students gather every other Sunday night at 5pm in the Student Space to hear from God’s Word and respond by worshipping together. This is an incredible way for students, both new and old, to get connected to our ministry and meet new friends.

Most importantly, students are placed into D-Groups (“D” is for discipleship) where they can be encouraged, grow in their faith, and find a safe place to discuss what is going on in their life. Other weekly, monthly and seasonal activities (ministry, missions, social, and study opportunities) also take place throughout the year.

  • Click here to check out the Grace Monroe TrueNorth Facebook page.

  • Sign up for TrueNorth camps and activities at MY.GFC.TV.

  • To sign up for text message reminders text @gracetn to 770-450-6566. 

High School LUG Heads

Why would a High School student be interested in attending a Wednesday night Middle School event? Great question! During LUG Live, the High School students (LUG Heads) teach the Bible and lead discipleship groups of Middle School students. We are continuously amazed at how much thought, prayer, and heart our LUG Heads pour into leading their Middle School students every Wednesday night.

Interested in Serving?

Whether you want to be a LUG Head, a D-Group leader, lead worship, or serve quietly behind the scenes, we know you will be blessed to invest in the next generation. Email Brian Widmer at or fill out this online form for more information about serving students with Grace Monroe.